About the LDBA

The LDBA is made up of Lacy dog breeders, and enthusiasts, who feel that working together and setting politics aside is the best path to promote, and insure, the future of this great working dog breed. Our members are committed to producing the best dogs possible, placing them in the best working environment, while maintaining accurate breeding records, promoting the breed as a working dog, and showcasing just how great the Lacy dog breed is.

Our website is a convenience, set up to help breeders and people looking for a working Lacy dog to come together. By listing available pups, and future litters, we have streamlined the process of locating great working dog pups. This single breed showcase area is far better than multi-breed websites like Dogbreedinfo, eliminating extensive searching, and avoiding scrolling through long listings of other breeds while looking for Lacy dogs.

In addition, we offer a FaceBook page, Lacy Dog Breeders, where members and others interested in the breed can communicate. This area offers education to facilitate the decision of whether a Lacy dog is the right breed choice for an individual, health and feeding info, announcements, and an easy place to get answers.

The bottom line is that our membership works together, and our common goals unite us.