LDBR Service

The Lacy Dog Breeders registry was created to offer additional record keeping, and to insure accurate breeding records, and lineage of the Lacy dog.  We accept dual registration, and dogs from other registries, but registration with the LDBR is not a requirement for membership in the Lacy Dog Breeders Association, unless you wish to sell pups.

If you choose to decline registering your dog with the LDBR, but will share pedigree information, we can offer assistance in calculating breeding coefficients for possible pairings. We will not share information about your dog with others without your permission. But, we do encourage everyone to consider that the small number of registered Lacy dogs, and breeding pool, is an issue when looking for the best possible dog to breed with. And, sharing lineage helps everyone.

We keep pictures of each Lacy dog in our system available for review, along with an accurate description, covering appearance, temperament, and working skills.

Each member can showcase his entire kennel of Lacys, with pictures, descriptions, and a list of accomplishments.

We also maintain an active stud file web page, where members can list their stud dogs.

The registry respects the right of the breeder to designate any pup produced as non-breeder quality, and will list it as such, preventing later re-registry and change of that status. The registry recognizes three main color groups, and all of the variant shadings within each, adhering to the accepted standard of the original registry for dogs being offered for dual registry. It shall be the member breeder’s responsibility to declare dogs as breeder quality, or not.

Submitting a dog for registry will require photo documentation, and a copy of pedigree and registration from another registry to be accepted into the LDBR