Frequently Asked Questions

What is the LDBR?
The LDBA has its own registry (LDBR), so that we can keep accurate lineages, and breeding records for our members dogs. It also allows us to calculate breeding coefficients for our breeders. We list many dogs that are also registered with other registries. This allows documentation without gaps in a lineage.

How does the LDBR handle dogs without papers?
Our registry only recognizes dogs from registered parents, or dogs that already have registration papers from another registry. The LDBR does not take in dogs that “look” like Lacys, or inspect dogs that are presented as Lacys, and issue papers.

What are your purpose and goals?
The LDBA strives to produce the best possible working Lacy dogs, and place them in the best possible working homes. We also feel that focusing on uniting breeders, and working together, will produce a strong future for the breed and the people who love them. We are very involved with establishing good breeders in new areas, and publicizing the breed, so that others may enjoy our beloved Lacy dogs.

Do I have to be a breeder to join the LDBA?
No. You can join at any time, even if you don’t have a Lacy dog. Actually, joining as soon as you get your pup is a great start!

What do I get as a member?
LDBA membership includes breeder assistance with advice on setting up your kennel, locating good stock, selecting good mates, preparing for pups, placing pups, and dog training in general. It also includes Free Admission to our Events.

Why should I attend events?
Events give folks a chance to see Lacy dogs from many kennels, involved in several tasks. They are also a very good avenue for networking. And, of course, the food and fun goes without saying.

Why does the LBDA only place pups in working homes?
Lacy dogs are a working breed. Even when they are very young, they exhibit a tremendous drive, and require lots of exercise. Although they can make great pets, they need a job! No breeder wants to end up rehoming a pup, so new owners are chosen carefully.

How large is the LDBA?
The LDBA has members in many states, and has grown to be the largest Lacy dog association in a very short period of time. Our FaceBook page has nearly three times the traffic of other groups.

Why do you say a handshake is good enough?
We believe that our members and breeders are honorable people, who do not need a contract to do the right thing. Our “Code of Ethics” is an understanding that each member’s actions reflect on all of the others.

What makes the LDBA different from the other groups?
We are a cooperative, which means we all work together for the common good. We don’t need a board of directors, or officers, because each member has equal standing. And, we don’t need to have organized meetings because we can all talk to each other regularly, and get along.

Why don’t you have a forum on this website?
The popularity of social media has taken its toll, so we use our FaceBook page, Lacy Dog Breeders, for the same purpose that our forum used to serve. We also maintain an email database which we use to reach all of our members.

What does it cost to be a member, and register dogs?
A single, or family, annual membership to the LDBA is $20. Registering a pup, or an adult dog, is $10. There is no fee to register a litter for breeders, as each new owner pays the $10 to register their own dog.

Does the LDBA have merchandize?
Yes, we have shirts with the LDBA logo, and stickers available, at very reasonable costs.
Display them with pride, and help us promote your group.

What is a balanced dog?
A balanced dog would be a dog that is equal in four major categories, Drive, Structure, Confirmation, and Temperament. Rarely do you see a dog that “has it all”, so this is a goal that good breeders are constantly working toward!

What is a puppy mill?
A puppy mill is the term for a business which often has hundreds of breeder bitches, kept in small crates and crowded and unsanitary conditions, which are bred to satisfy the pet market. The pups produced at puppy mills are mostly sold in pet stores. The LDBA has no members who operate puppy mills!