Mission Statement

Founded 2013

Membership is open to all Lacy breeders, and enthusiasts, who may have registered Lacys.

Objective ~ Offering a centralized location to obtain Lacy dog pups from breeders specializing in working Lacy dogs, and an additional registry to insure accurate lineage and record keeping.

Purpose ~ Consolidation of breeders, so prospective owners can easily locate quality work bred Lacy dog pups. Offering easier exchange of information between breeders to simplify and enhance the process of selecting good crosses. Unite the Lacy dog community; demonstrating that working together makes sense. Expand the range of the Lacy dog, so that more people will have an opportunity to own the breed. Educate the public to the capabilities of the Lacy dog.

Benefits of Membership ~ Exceptional FaceBook page and website advertising. Exposure to large numbers of prospective puppy buyers, while keeping costs manageable. Easier communication with other breeders. Public forum for exchange of information between potential owners and breeders. Private forum for breeders to discuss health related issues, marketing, news alerts, placement of Lacy dog pups, kennel management, and training. Showcase your kennel to the public.