TrackStar Kennels

Our registered Lacy Game Dogs share many great characteristics, but all of them have different personalities. They are outstanding specimens, specially selected from great lines, so that we produce high quality pups which both meet our breeding standard, and have the genetic makeup to insure exceptional working ability.

We believe that it is possible to have dogs that are both hard working and beautiful, and these dogs prove just that! In our breeding program we anticipate more beautiful Reds and Blues, and occasionally some Tri-Colored pups.

We have three adult Lacys at TrackStar Kennels, which have all proven themselves at recovering wounded, or dead, game animals. They have also produced thirty-one pups, most of which have also become tracking dogs, and usually starting at only a few months of age.

TrackStar’s Outrageous “Jones”, a magnificent red male, is our resident stud, a job which he is not at all shy about performing. He is a solid dog, with a massive front end, and a great head. He is also very sociable, sizing people up quickly, and I would be very leery of anyone that he did not take to right away!

Outrageous Jones
Jones has been responsible for an extraordinary number of recoveries in his five years, because he has worked at a deer hunting outfit every fall. His first recovery came at the age of only four months, and he has proven time and again that he can get the job done!
Jones is available for limited stud service to special females! Call for info…


TrackStar’s All That “Jazz”, our five year old red female, and Jone’s soulmate, is about as close to Lacy perfection as you can get. She is a wonderful companion dog, who will morph into thirty-five pounds of mean in a heartbeat when she encounters a hog, and she can track down a game animal quickly and efficiently!

She is extremely agile, and focused, both traits which she passes along to her pups. Jazz has produced two litters of outstanding pups, the first all red, the second included our first Tri pups. Jazz will possibly be bred only one or two more times. She has a tight uniform red coat, and a fantastic head and ear set. She also has explosive speed!

TrackStar’s Jem O’Mississippi, call name “Jemma”, is our four year old blue female. She is possibly the most alert dog we have ever encountered; nothing gets past her! She has an extreme urge to please, and her nose is never on break, which makes her an excellent tracker.

Jemma has a deep blue coat, and a lean muscular build. She is lightning quick, and seems to never stop moving! She has the reputation of being the Princess/Warrior, calm and demure with the ability to kill!
She has produced three litters of working pups, all blue, and will probably only be bred one more time!

TrackStar Kennels is a proud member of the Lacy Dog Breeders Association, and our dogs are registered with the Lacy Dog Breeders Registry… Reach them at 601-940-8376.