TrackStar’s Outrageous Jones

“Jones” is retired from breeding now, after having produced many great Lacy dogs. His information remains here for interested parties, since he sired many of the other Lacys in our Stud Files.

“Jones” is a nine year old nearly solid colored Red Lacy, with only a small streak of white on his massive chest. He stands nineteen and a half inches at the shoulder, and weighs roughly fifty-five pounds. He has a block head with a great ear set, an extremely masculine build, amber eyes, and a tight fawn colored coat.
Jones displays great intelligence, and picks up new tasks with very minimal training. He has an outstanding tracking record with many recoveries, and passed that skill along to pups that he sired.

Outrageous Jones

Jones is a sociable fellow, but protective of that which he knows is not to be shared! He produced all of the three major accepted Lacy colors. His pups tended to have minimal white markings, and start working at a very early age.

If you are interested in info on any of the pups he produced, please call 601-940-8376.